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The National Football League features some of the largest

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  • The National Football League features some of the largest

    It’s a sport filled with drama Shareef Miller Jersey , hard hits, and players who are quite literally larger than life.Sadly, these days, when folks talk about the National Football League, they often discuss controversial issues, like concussions for example. After all, competing in a sport where giant athletes (many of whom weigh well over 250 pounds) are constantly colliding is going to be dangerous at times. However Zach Brown Jersey , the NFL also has a lighter side that is often overlooked.Now that that the league has become more accepting of things like touchdown celebrations, it’s no longer fair to say that the NFL stands for the “no fun league.” These days, players come up with some of the most hilarious, choreographed celebrations, that one can expect to find in any sport. This also makes for some very humorous photo opts.However, TD dances aren’t the only time fans can expect to see a hilarious moment captured on film (or one’s phone). In fact, some of the funniest NFL images ever seen were actually captured by accident.With that in mind Devin Bush Jersey , we have a collection of photos that feature 20 of the funniest moments ever captured inside an NFL stadium. These fun shots feature some of football’s top stars, fans with a great sense of humor, and just about everything in between. These pics are guaranteed have even the most serious sports fans laughing out loud.Without further ado, it’s time to take a looks at these amazing images. A good chunk of the great players are already gone. That doesn’t mean there’s no talent left. In fact, there are a lot of guys who remain that will prove to be major difference makers next season. And these are and will be the top 15 free agent signings among the players who are left on the market. Even after teams have inked some pretty large deals, there are still some more that are going to be coming. With this list, the top players who remain will be identified and we’ll look at where they’ll be going. Although a good portion of the 2017 free agents have signed with a team , there’s still a lot of movement going on in the NFL and that trend will continue all the way through the offseason. We’re still in the midst of one of the craziest times in professional sports and it’s not going to calm down anytime soon.To point out the obvious, this list doesn’t address (except for here) some of the high profile signings like Alshon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson and Terrelle Pryor. Those guys, along with many others, have been signed in the first wave of offseason signings. Here, we address the biggest names that are left on the market, like Adrian Peterson and even Jamaal Charles and many others. The guys on this list will be huge difference makers for the teams that manage to sign them. And with these rankings Justin Layne Jersey , we’ll let you know where the athlete should sign and why it’s the best fit for them. From worst to best, here are the top 15 remaining free agents left out there on the market.